Frequently Asked Questions

44 private units. We will be licensed as a 48 bed facility as four units are large enough for double occupancy. For example, a husband and wife may share a unit.

Yes. We have 44 private units. Four of the units are large enough for double occupancy should one chose this option.

Yes. Each unit has its own private bathroom.

Therapy will be provided in accordance with the physician’s order.

Family and friends may visit anytime during designated visiting hours.

Yes. Residents have the option to furnish their own suite with their personal items including bed, night stand, chairs, photos, etc.

Yes. You will be free to come and go as you wish. However, there will be a definite time that you will have to return to the facility. There will be a sign in/out process.

You may furnish your room to meet your personal desires/needs which may or may not include a bedside table.

Wheelchairs may be utilized. Wheelchairs may be provided by you or the facility will provide for an additional charge. The facility has limits as required by the State of Mississippi on the number of wheelchair bound residents that may reside in the facility.

Yes. We encourage you to personalize your room.

Yes. We will have transportation available for your use.

Yes, residents may have one small pet (cat, dog, or bird) living in their suite with them, as long as the animal is properly taken care of according to facility guidelines.

Yes. We will have washers and dryers available for your use. Additionally, we will have dry cleaning services provided by a local provider. If you prefer not to do your own laundry, it will be done by facility staff or by an outside service.

We will have a very active activity schedule. We hope to focus on individual interest, wellness, innovation, etc. to ensure each resident is fully engaged. We strive to have the attributes of home, dynamic wellness programming, hospitality and the ability to remain connected to the community. Click here to view our current calendar showing social activities and events.

Yes, you may have your own vehicle. You will have to abide by the sign in/out procedures established by the facility.

Yes, the facility will have wireless internet available for your use. You may use your own computer.

Yes, we will have state of the art locks on each bedroom. You will be able to access your room electronically instead of using a key. Safety and security of our residents and their belongings is extremely important to us.

Yes, we will have a state of the art security system in the facility. Your safety and security is of utmost importance to us. We want to ensure a safe, secure environment for you.

Yes. As part of our development and design process, we have included a safe room which is large enough for all residents to use during severe weather conditions.

Yes. A state of the art nurse call system will be accessible for all residents.

Yes. The facility has a chapel/prayer room available for your use.

Yes. Meals will be prepared under the direction of an Executive Chef.

Yes. A fully equipped gym/workout room will be available for your physical fitness needs.

Yes. If you need assistance with administration of your medicine, it will be provided by a licensed nurse.

Yes. We will assist you in determining which pharmacy will best suit your needs while ensuring the packaging meets our requirements.

Yes. We will have arrangements with a physician(s) and nurse practitioners to provide services to our residents.

Yes. We will have telemedicine services available.

Our housekeeping staff will clean your suite each week at no extra charge. This includes dusting, vacuuming, bed linen and bath towel changes, emptying trash, and sanitizing your bathroom. Additional services can be requested at an extra charge.

The Aspen has a very strict policy on outside help. No private caregivers or sitters will be allowed to work for residents living at the Aspen.

The Aspen welcomes family and friends to our facility. Guests can purchase meal tickets to any of our regular meals or special events. In addition, residents may host overnight guests in their room for a period of up to seven days at no extra charge.